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Special Inspection Services

Construction blade leveling dirt

With the introduction of Oklahoma’s new Commercial and Residential Building Codes in 2011, special inspection services are becoming the norm rather than the exception for building projects. HCGC offers special inspection services for a variety of inspections that the client may need. These services are provided by trained inspectors who are either Professional Engineers (PE), Engineers in Training (EIT) or Certified by either the International Code Council (ICC) or the American Concrete Institute (ACI).


Special Inspection Services offered are:

  • Reinforced Steel Inspections for Concrete and Masonry
  • Structural Steel Inspection for Bolts and Welds
  • Framing Inspections for Shear Walls and Hold Downs

  • EFIS Inspection
  • ​Paint and Bridge Inspection



Construction Material Testing

D10 on out crop doing dirt work

HCGC provides construction material testing for soils, concrete and asphalt. Fully trained National Institute of Engineering Technologies (NICET), American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) certified laboratory technicians perform America Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and America Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASTHO) test procedures for our geotechnical investigations and our testing and inspection services. The tests are performed on state of the art laboratory equipment under the guidance of a Licensed Professional Engineer.


HCGC’s Laboratories are CCRL and ODOT accredited and we participate in ARML reference sample program.

**When providing special inspection and construction material testing services, our goal is to work with the contractor and his sub-contractors to provide them accurate and timely testing so that there is minimal delay or slowdown in the project timetable. Accurate quality control for projects helps both the client and the contractor complete the project in a cost-effective manner. 

Geotechnical Services

tools used for geotechnical services

We offer a full range of geotechnical services from geotechnical investigations for single family homes to large commercial projects. No project is too difficult for us to take on. In addition to geotechnical reports HCGC also offers consultation for geotechnical problems associated with foundations along with those encountered during construction, such as soft subgrades and unstable foundations and any other concern that may arise.


Our geotechnical department interacts with the owner, their architects and structural engineers to provide economical foundation systems which will provide our client the best system for their project.


When determining the extent of the investigation, the overall project is taken into consideration so that drilling and the information gathered are done in the most economical way so as to maximize information for the cost.


Reports are written so that the client and his contractor can easily find the information needed for design and construction.

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